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2022-23 Grant Applications from Blue Peaks Giving Circle

The Blue Peaks Giving Circle (a foundation philanthropic support group) is preparing to grant money, in order to apply you must be eligible for funding.  

Download the 2022-23 Application form on the top right side of this article, or on CookNet here.

Questions? Email bluepeaks@cookchildrens.org.

What is Blue Peaks Giving Circle? 

Blue Peaks Giving Circle is an annual giving circle made up of members who leverage their collaborative giving to create impact. Departments and programs within Cook Children’s apply for support and members vote to direct their pooled funds after learning about the front-line care needed for our patients.  To learn more about Blue Peaks Giving Circle, click here.

Guidelines for 2022-23 Grants from Blue Peaks Giving Circle 

Blue Peaks Giving Circle’s goal is to fund innovative projects with a high potential for results that will have clinical application and impact at the end of the grant period. 

Pilot projects that demonstrate feasibility, proof of concept, or contain plans to launch a new program or initiative that otherwise would not be funded, are encouraged. A plan for sustainability of all proposed programs/projects after the grant period must be defined.  

Grant Application Timeline

February 6Grant proposal packet email out to Cook Children's Health Care System
March 10Grant applications due to DropBox by 5 p.m.
April 3Grant applications that have not been approved by Cook Children’s Leadership will be notified
May 22Grant finalists will be chosen and notified by email to advise on next steps and video filming interview
June 5 & 6Filming for grant videos (40 min each est.)
October 4

Blue Peaks Giving Circle Inaugural Give Dinner (Location TBD) 

Finalists must attend and partake in question and answer portion of evening

October 16Notification of Award
Post October 16Funds Awarded! You should see costs reflected in your cost center in December 2023