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2022 Cybersecurity Rock Star Challenge Information

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • Who is eligible? All employees of Cook Children’s are eligible for the drawings. 
  • How do I enter? Go to our Security Awareness Portal at https://cookchildrens.securityeducation.com/my-training and after a brief knowledge check (Opening Activity), complete the indicated activities for each level: 
    • Gold (Level 1) 
    • Platinum (Level 2) 
    • Diamond (Level 3) 

2022 Cybersecurity Rock Star Challenge InformationIn order to be eligible for drawings at the Platinum and Diamond levels, you must complete the activities in the preceding levels (completing Gold and Platinum levels to be eligible for Platinum level drawings; completing Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels to be eligible for Diamond level drawings). 

The Security Awareness Portal is available outside of the Cook Children’s network, and may be accessed directly from home. (You’ll be prompted for your Cook Children’s user id and password and may also be prompted for two-factor authentication as well). If you are currently working from home and connect to the Cook Children’s network via MyAccess, connecting directly to the Security Awareness Portal may be a better option for you. 

  • When is the entry deadline? Challenge activities must be completed by 5 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 1. 
  • What prizes are available? There will be multiple drawings for each level: 
    • Gold - Five (5) $25 gift cards 
    • Platinum - Four (4) $50 gift cards 
    • Diamond 
      • Two (2) $75 gift cards 
      • One (1) $100 gift card 

Gift Cards in excess of $5 will be included as income and reported on winners’ W-2 for tax reporting purposes.

Activities for each Challenge level and estimated time for completion

GOLD (20 min) 

  • Opening Activity 
  • What is Multi-Factor Authentication? 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Attack Spotlight: MFA Fatigue Attacks 

2022 Cybersecurity Rock Star Challenge Information 1PLATINUM (30 min) 

  • Security Basics: Passwords and Authentication 
  • What is Credential Compromise? 
  • Pick Your Passwords 
  • Planet Cyber: Passwords 
  • Beyond Passwords 
  • Password Policy 
  • What is Social Engineering?

DIAMOND (30 min) 

  • Preventing Credential Compromise 
  • Why Software Updates are Important 
  • Web Browsing: A Security Roadmap 
  • Security Basics: Email and Social Engineering 
  • Home Wi-Fi Networks: Security Tips 
  • Planet Cyber: Phishing 
  • Suspicious Emails: Why reporting is So Important 
  • Cyber Rhymez 
  • What is Spoofing? 
  • Security Tonight: Ransomware 
  • What is Vishing? 
  • What is Smishing?