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2022 Presidents' Scholarship: Alexis Martinez


Alexis Martinez is the daughter of Erika Maguregui, a reimbursement analyst in the Health Plan Finance Department at Cook Children’s.

AlexisMartinez1Alexis graduated in 2021 from Mansfield High School and will begin her sophomore year at the University of Arkansas this fall, where she is studying Business and Pharmaceutical Marketing. 

Since the pandemic, Alexis has grown eager to use her career to help raise awareness of diseases and illnesses while providing knowledge on pharmaceutical drugs, their benefits, side effects, and how patients can benefit from them. 

Maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Alexis is on the Chancellors and Deans list while also working as a Resident Assistant. Before college, she was President of Tarrant County College Active Minds, a club for mental health awareness.  It is with a caring heart that Alexis hopes to bring innovation to health care. She aspires to develop new methods, ideas and products to support providers in her future. 

Manuel Flores, her manager at Chipotle Mexican Grill says, “Alexis is always open to new ideas and is continuously looking for something new to learn if she isn’t lending a hand or sharing her knowledge with her colleagues. She is an exceptionally fast and efficient worker and always creates an impact when she is present.”