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2022 Presidents' Scholarship: Arthur Alvarado


Arthur Alvarado is the son of Leticia Garcia, an insurance precertification specialist in the ENT Clinic at Cook Children’s. 

ArthurAlvarado3Recently graduating from South Grand Prairie High School, Arthur plans to attend The University of Texas in Austin where he will study Biological Sciences – Pre-Health. Arthur feels the importance of researching pathogens and developing new medicines to prevent the spread of illness and disease will allow him to help others while improving health care. 

Ranked 16 in a class of 703 students, Arthur has had an outstanding academic career. He also participated in the National Society of Leadership and Success and received the Top Hispanic Senior Award for academic achievement. 

It is no doubt that Arthur Alvarado is a man of perseverance and humility. Arthur lost his father to a terrible illness when he was very young. It was his mother who inspired him to seek success despite the obstacles they endured and to follow a career in health care. 

As a result of volunteering at Mission Arlington, he developed connections that would spark his passion for wanting to help others. Arthur has also set goals for himself both academically and for his own health and achieves them. 

Leslie Desmarals, Arthur’s teacher from third and fourth grade and art class later on, says, “I felt like we had a co-teaching method at times because when I wasn’t able to build a students’ confidence as much as I wanted, he was right behind me to make them feel their own worth. He has always been an excellent human being.”