11:08 AM

2022 Presidents' Scholarship: Srikar Yang


Srikar Yang is the son of Sireesha Mutyala, M.D., pediatrician at Cook Children’s Plano Pediatrics.  

Srikar YangSrikar recently graduated from Plano Senior High School and plans to attend The University of Texas in Austin this fall, where he will be studying Psychology. 

By pursuing a degree in psychology, Srikar hopes to find a better understanding of social networking and how it relates to human behavior and mental health. Srikar plans to work in psychiatric care and help clients develop healthy relationships with social media as he recognizes the impact it has on our daily lives. 

Along with a long list of academic accolades, Srikar is a Nation Merit Scholar, the Vice President and Social Media Manager of the National Art Honor Society as well as the Social Media Manager of the Chinese Club. His interests outside of school include studying Hindu, art, piano, kung fu and photography. 

Becky Heslep, a school counselor at Plano Senior High says, “Srikar is never satisfied with simply knowing what happened or how something works. He always wants to understand why – he frequently conducts his own research that goes above and beyond what is taught in class, then enriches the lesson by sharing his research with the class or the teacher. A scholar, a thinker, and a gentlemen… that’s Srikar Yang.”