11:27 AM

2022 Presidents' Scholarship: Thai Nguyen


Thai Nguyen is the son of Thoa Kim Le, a nurse in the prep-recovery department, and Toan Nguyen, a lead medical laboratory scientist in the lab at Cook Children’s. 

Thai NguyenThai recently graduated from James Martin High School in the spring and plans to attend The University of Texas at Arlington this fall. Thai plans to study Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, seeking to make an impact in health care by alleviating disparities within the medical industry. Specifically, he hopes to emphasize awareness of how different races are more prone to certain diseases and conditions that may require alternative treatments. 

Thai was an active member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Chess Club, Future Business Leaders of America organization, Choir and the Vietnamese Student Association. But the group that impacted him the most was his involvement with Marysville Christian Fellowship Youth Group. He mentored younger generations in the DFW area by encouraging them to better understand their own values and improve their relationships with friends, family and themselves. 

Thai’s passion for wanting to raise cultural awareness in health care comes from a great admiration for his family. 

Briana Lavelle, a Stem Practicum Teacher at Martin High School says, “Thai is a first-generation college-bound student, as both parents came from Vietnam to escape the war. He understands the value of an effective work ethic and knows how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”