11:57 AM

A Holiday Prayer from Jennifer Hayes: “However You Encounter December, May You Feel Safe…and Seen…and Valued”

Jennifer Hayes Holiday Message 2023

From Jennifer Hayes, M.Div., Director of Spiritual Care at Cook Children's Health Care System

Receive now this blessing: 

Ahh—it’s December…which can only mean one thing—that the messages of liberation, dignity, faith, and joy that come with Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are…probably being drown out by cynicism, corporate greed, and consumerism. 

Or maybe your therapist is better than mine and, for you, December brings about a time of reflection a glimpse of what is Holy; the invitation to participate in gracious and intentional acts that connect you with others, reminding us that our world is not the world.  That our experience is not everyone’s experience.

However you encounter December, may you feel safe…and seen…and valued. 

May we, those who feel the heaviness of the census and staffing and yet another meeting that mysteriously showed up on our calendar…or the embarrassment of an email designed to spark an idea that was mistakenly delivered into everyone’s inbox instead of just the few it was intended for…may we avoid being so distracted by our deadlines and duties and dissatisfactions that we forget the wider community of which we are connected… 

A community rooted in kindness and generosity and respect. 

A community that sees the sacredness in those who are hurting and alone.

A community that is learning every day how to be a better, more intentional community.  

A community fueled by hope and promise of what lies ahead.  Amen.