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A More In-depth Look at the New CookNet

CookNet Image Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve teased the soft launch of our new CookNet coming your way very soon. We hope by now you want to know what’s new and different.

  1. Company News Site: This area will take the place of our current scroll. We have a much-improved landing page that allows us to provide you with the most current news that impacts the entire system. This is a cleaner look and will be updated frequently.
  2. From around the company: This dynamic section provides targeted content, links, and resources from around the company that is more relevant to you based on your role in the organization.
  3. Curated Content: We want to provide you with a site that keeps you connected to the latest system-wide programs. Here you may find information on Prosper, the Cook Children’s Experience or our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity initiatives.
  4. Events: This section helps promote broader awareness about what’s happening at Cook Children’s. You can even add events directly to your calendar!
  5. My Important Places: On the right-hand side of CookNet, you will find quick links to different locations based on areas we’ve seen employees use the most. If you may have specific areas that you visit every day, you can now add your favorite locations on CookNet for quick and easy access.  
  6. Cook Applications: This provides small list of links to the top accessed applications within Cook Children’s for quicker access. This also includes a link to the legacy CookNet if you need to go back!
  7. My News: Here you will find a more specific list of news suggestions based on your specific likes and interests. This area follows an algorithm that updates more and more accurately as you continue navigating within CookNet. 
  8. My Recent Docs and My Recent Sites: We’ve heard a lot of you asking for a simple way to get back to your documents, sites, or policies. This section is unique for each each person and keeps a history of links so that you can quickly return to the documents or sites you’ve visited with a single click!

So what do you think? Click here to give us your thoughts on the infographic and stay tuned for more information on the soft launch of our new CookNet. 


What do I need to do recreate my site in the new CookNet ?

We’ve also begun an FAQ. You have questions, email us at InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org

Is the Current CookNet going away?  

No, this is a “soft launch” of the new and improved CookNet. That means that only a new homepage and new physician and occupational health sites have been built on the modernized CookNet.  Once the new homepage is live, a link will be added in the current CookNet to direct you to a new homepage with a more dynamic, sleek, and modern user experience. All links on the new homepage should direct you to back the current CookNet pages you use today.  

What will happen to the content and information I use on CookNet today?  

All current content on CookNet will remain available until further notice. The current CookNet sites and pages will coexist and still be available while the new CookNet is built over time. We will be identifying content authors to work with our transition team to learn how to create and maintain content on the new CookNet.  

Can I still create new pages or add new content to the current CookNet?  

Yes, we encourage you to continue to create and maintain content on the current CookNet site. Once a new version of the site has been implemented on the new Cooknet, the old site will remain available in a read-only mode.  


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