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A Quick Guide To Help You Successfully Make the Move to Microsoft Teams

Teams Creation:

If you haven't done so already, please help us populate our new CookNet and Microsoft Teams workspaces. 

Manager level and above can request a Team workspace be created for their group.  Once approved, IS will create the Team workspace and assign owner(s) and members of the Team.  After the Team workspace is created, owners and members will see the Workspace (Team) in their “Teams” section of the Microsoft Teams application.

Link to request Team workspace:  Collaboration and Communication Request Form

By now, you've probably begun to notice our move to adopt Microsoft Teams across the health care system. We understand that this has recently introduced a fair amount of change. We want to provide you with some updates to help you make the move to Teams as easy as possible. 

Some key items to note:

  • The conversion to automatically launch our messaging system to default to Teams, instead of Skype is completed.
  • This is part of an overall strategy to help adopt Teams and move away from Skype before Skype is decommissioned.

We hope that you will take time to view these helpful resources. Below you will find a quick video that will give you an overview of using teams or click here to view answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. Here are a few examples of what you will find in the FAQ:

 Q: Will there be training available at Go Live?

A: ​​Microsoft Teams Training sessions are now available for sign-up. Keep an eye out for updates to the Training Calendar to sign up for instructor-led sessions.

Self-service how to guides and videos are available on the Get Started with Microsoft Teams page. Playlists are available that reflect common usage. 

Q: What is the best way to schedule conference rooms for meetings?

A: Teams is fantastic for booking virtual meetings online, however, please know that the "built-in" functionality for adding a conference room is time consuming.

A conference room can be added by using the "Add Location" field, select a building room list, then choose the conference room.  Click the Scheduling Assistant tab at top of meeting invite to see availability.

Outlook might be the best way to continue your calendaring needs as you can visually see calendars better, can add conference rooms faster, and are most likely more familiar with Outlook.  Teams is not replacing Outlook; it is enhancing our desktop tools!

Q: Can I join a Teams meeting from my mobile device?

A: Currently, you can join a Teams meeting by manually dialing the audio-conference number (located in the meeting appointment)

Usage of the Teams mobile app will be evaluated for future use.  Once available, more instructions and details will be communicated.

Additional Tips are available by clicking here. 

Teams Overview