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Bright Horizons Offers Informative Family Webinars For You

Raising an Inclusive Child

Navigating your child’s early years, managing life as a working parent, caring for elder loved ones, and everything in between — our experts cover it all. Tune in monthly for Bright Horizons® webinars that offer actionable advice for today’s families. Kids' Place is a Bright Horizons' location. 

We have many webinars available to you, including “Raising an Inclusive Child” at 2 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday, March 15. Click here to register.  The event description reads: “How can you create authentic, diverse experiences for your child? How do you help them understand and appreciate differences and answer tricky questions about differences? Join us to hear about inclusion, social-emotional learning, and exposing your child to other cultures, holidays, traditions, and people.”

This is just one of the many topics covered free of charge. Click here to see all the webinars and how you can register with your phone, simply by scanning a QR code. 

2023 Family Webinar topics include:

  • Getting Excited About Stem
  • Busy and Hectic: The Impact of Stress and Learning
  • Managing Behaviors that Challenge Adults
  • Raising an Inclusive Child
  • Why Failing and Risk-Taking Are Better Than Perfection
  • Future-Ready: Learning to Communicate & Collaborate
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters
  • Fueling Your Child's Curiosity and Creativity
  • Sandwiched and Stressed?
  • Your Child's Growing Brain
  • Fitting Family into Busy Days