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Care Share Performance Information

Updated: Aug. 7, 2023

CareShare 8-7-23

Update on this year's Care Share Bonus. We are so close! We are making great progress on our goal to reach the 86% mark for a “likelihood to recommend" and we have improved to 85.8%. Our goal is to maintain the performance from FY 2022, and we are currently just short of meeting that goal.

 Please take a few minutes to watch this important video from Megan Chavez, System Vice President, Cook Children's Experience.

Our ED and UCCs have reached their goal (they will need to sustain) in spite of continued high volumes and our ambulatory clinics have been investing in the Ambulatory Experience Bundle, which comes from our experience standards and our culture platform and focuses on strengthening the relationship with our families and each other.  Our families are telling us it is making a difference in their care.  

Please continue to monitor this page to see where we are at in reaching our goal. Click on the image to see it more clearly.

Care Share Video for All Staff