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Celebrating Kids' Place 20th Anniversary

This month, Kids' Place - Child Development Center turns 20 years old! Over the past two decades, hundreds of your children have attended Kids' Place. From the infant classroom to kindergarten prep, Kids' Place teachers and staff worked alongside children to support their big milestones and achievements. 

To celebrate 20 wonderful years, we asked our employees to send us photos of their children who attended Kids' Place, along with a short update of where they are now. 

We look forward to another 20 years filled with memories! 


Santino Quintana, son of April Quintana 

"Santino attended Kids' Place from the age of 6 months to 5 years (2010-2015.) He is now 11 years old and attends a Montessori school in Fort Worth and is in the 6th grade. He loves to skateboard, play basketball and the drums, and likes to help charities. The picture of him is on Halloween in 2013 when he was three years old. In recent pictures, he's 11." 



Lauren Delgado, daughter of Maribel Delgado 

"Lauren was at Kids' Place from 10 weeks old until she went to kindergarten. SHe is now 14 years old and a freshman at Brewer High School. We are planning her quinceañera for next year!"



Sawyer Milburn, daughter of Kendra Milburn

"My daughter, Sawyer, attended Kids' Place beginning in January 2013, from 3 months of age until nearly 2 years old. We only changed daycare for one closer to home when I was transferred to a remote position. The care she received was excellent and she truly thrived while at Kids' Place. The staff was excellent! Sawyer turned 9 a few weeks ago and is non-stop, always on-the-go and talking... all. the. time! She's in 3rd grade and participates in gymnastics, soccer and basketball. I was so blessed to be able to leave her at a wonderful facility so close to work, and I even got to pop in to see her from time to time during lunch. Definitely made the transition back to work easier for a new mommy." 



Max Lowery, son of Carol Lowery

"This is my son, Max Lowery, in July 2004 at Kids' Place when he was 3 years old. He is now 21 years old and graduated from high school in 2019. He earned an Associate's Degree in Recording Arts in 2020 and did an audio/video/lighting internship at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina in early 2021. He is currently employed with Premier Illuminations as an audio engineer and is producing the Christmas show at The Southern Palance at Six Flags."



Zachary and Alyssa Rogers, children of Dionne Rogers

"My son, Zachary Rogers, started at Kids’ Place at age 1 year old (when I moved from Florida to work at Cook Children’s.) He had a wonderful time there and still fondly remembers those days. Zach is now 17 years old and an honor roll senior at Keene High School. We are so excited for his graduation next year!

My daughter, Alyssa Rogers, started at Kids’ Place at 10 weeks old, and it was such a joy and blessing for us that she was so close by during the day. Alyssa is now a straight-A sixth grader at Keene Adventist Elementary School and equally loves school, sports and music.

I’m forever thankful that I was able to have special visits with them during their time there. Happy 20th Anniversary to Kids’ Place!!!!"



Charlotte, Joseph and Ethan Riney, children of Liz Riney

"I have had at least one child at Kids’ Place since 2015. My oldest, Charlotte, started in 2015 at 12 weeks old. Charlotte attended Kids' Place until she was 5 when she transitioned to Kindergarten. Charlotte is now 6.5 years old and in the first grade. We have been blessed to have Kids’ Place continue to teach and love on Charlotte’s brothers (Joseph, age 4) and Ethan (age 10 months), who have also been enrolled since 12 weeks old.

All three of my babies have shared the same infant teacher and many other caregivers and teachers in their time at this facility. When I tell people my kids have all gone to 'the daycare at Cook Children’s', the general reaction I get is, 'Wow! That’s amazing that Cook Children’s offers that!' – and I could not agree more. The entire Kids’ Place staff – from the teachers and admin, to the custodial staff, to the kitchen – are all second family to us. We are beyond grateful for Kids’ Place and Cook Children’s partnership with their facility!



Andrew and Ayden Olowu, sons of Ozioma Ogbuokiri

"We treasured our time at Kids' Place when my boys were younger. That place holds a special place in my heart and I am still in touch with some of their teachers!

Pictured is Andrew on his first day when he was eight weeks old and Ayden making one of many art projects!"



Katelan Stubbs, daughter of Kendra Stubbs 

"Katelan Stubbs was born in 2011 and spent half of her life at Kids' Place! (November 2011 through May 2016.) She is now in the 5th grade, full of life and loves math, art, music and diving!" 



Haley, Chase and Ciera Hooper (twins), children of Dr. Beth Colaluca 

"I am SO incredibly appreciative of the outstanding care my children received at Kids’ Place – I’m still friends with several of their teachers on social media, which shows me how much they truly loved them. Appreciate this opportunity to share!

Haley Hooper, now 15, is a sophomore at Paschal High School and is the lead stage manager for the theater program. She is excelling well academically, has a great group of friends and is very involved at church. Haley attended Kids’ Place from around 16 months of age until she started kindergarten. She has many fond memories of the friendships she made there, and I am particularly thankful for the stable environment they provided for her when I was pregnant with her twin brother and sister. We moved and they decided to come early!

Chase and Ciera Hooper (twins) are 11 and attend McLean 6th grade center. Ciera is a goal keeper on a select soccer team, achieved the top scholar award at her elementary school last year and has the kindest heart along with the most competitive spirit! Chase plays baseball and is also excelling academically – he is currently in an accelerated math class."



Emma and Ellison Brosey, daughters of Whitney Brosey 

"I can’t say enough amazing things about Kids’ Place! I was looking through pictures they sent me from when my girls started in the infant class in 2013 and 2015 and I got a little emotional remembering what a big part of our family’s life Kids’ Place has been. They saw my Emma and Elli’s firsts! The first time they rolled, held a bottle, walked, etc. The teachers were like family and I know they loved our girls as if they were their own. Emma is 8 years old and in second grade and Elli is 6 years old and in kindergarten.

We moved further North a few years ago, so our youngest, Sophie (6 months), goes to a different daycare but Kids’ Place will always hold a special place in our hearts."



Luke and Owen Johnston, sons of Kristen Johnston

"Luke (16) a sophomore at Timber Creek High School in Keller and Owen (13) in 7th grade at Trinity Springs Middle School both attended Kids' Place from 12 weeks old and even attended Kids' Place Kindergarten! We can’t say enough about how well taken care of they were and the staff that attended to them! It really gave them the confidence and head start they needed for their academic careers! Both boys are amazing students and athletes!"


About Bright Horizons and Kids' Place

Kids' Place is located on the campus of Cook Children's Medical Center and services the employees of Cook Children's and Harris Methodist Fort Worth.

Kids' Place policies and culture are intended to meet the specific needs of the medical community. Kids' Place is open extended hours and plans family events late in the evenings or during lunch in order to accommodate the needs of families.

The center offers a beautiful setting for Kids' Place faculty and families to partner together in the education and development of young children.

Learn more about Bright Horizons and Kids' Place here.