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Connect Newsroom Gives Employees a New Option on How to Receive Internal Communications

In an effort to provide timely, accurate and useful information to employees that you can access anywhere, we’ve created “Connect Newsroom” with you in mind.

The newsroom houses most of the stories you find in the emails that are sent to you, including our most-recent COVID-19 information.newsroom home page

Connect Newsroom allows you to access the articles at home without logging onto the network and to watch videos or read information at your leisure.

And while the information on the newsroom is meant for internal purposes, it allows for more options for employees.

“Connect Newsroom gives our employees more flexibility and convenience,” said Laura Van Hoosier, AVP of Public Relations at Cook Children’s. “When someone is named a Peak Performer, celebrates a key service milestone or when we write a feature story about them, employees can easily share the celebration with family and friends. It also gives our busy employees a chance to catch up on what is happening during a lunch break on their phone or on a laptop at home. With so much going on right now with COVID and a busy work and personal life, we know it is not always easy to find an extra moment to read all the information that’s coming your way. This improvement was done with the Team Experience and every one of our employees in mind.”

newsroom home page 1Although the newsroom is an additional and different communication option for employees, CookNet will continue to play a vital role in our internal communications. Not every story can live on the newsroom for obvious reasons. Stories that are sensitive and not meant to be shared publicly (patient safety scores, for example) will live solely on CookNet and you will need to be on the network to access them. The scroll on the homepage of CookNet* will also give you a quick glimpse of the latest stories on the newsroom. You can click the link on the image and it will take you right to the story. (*Note: you must be connected to the network to access this page.)

We hope you enjoy the newsroom.

And we want to stay connected! We would love to hear your feedback on this new communications feature for employees! Write to us here or comment below.

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