14:29 PM

Consult with a Fidelity Retirement Planner for Free

By Jean Yaeger

Fidelity-LogoEvery employee is eligible for a free one-to-one consultation with a Fidelity financial planner thanks to Cook Children's workplace benefits.

The 30-minute consultations offer expert guidance to help shape your financial future, whether you're wanting to pay off loans, make investments or save for retirement. You may choose to visit virtually (on Zoom) or on the phone. 

You'll earn 35 Vitality Points for meeting with Brian Baker or John Wells, the workplace financial consultants for Fidelity. Points may be cashed in for gift cards through Cook Children's Vitality wellness program. 

The Fidelity reps want to have conversations that help employees maximize their retirement plans, set up emergency funds, balance out their debt and achieve goals. Wells urges the staff at Cook Children's – no matter your age, career stage or investment background – to take advantage of the expertise and individualized attention, at no charge to you.

“It's financial education as much as anything else. Don't pay somebody to get some advice until you talk to us,” Wells said. “We can help you solve many of the things that you're worried about. It's not an intimidating process.” 

If you've never or rarely engaged with your Cook Children's retirement account, or if you have general questions about money management, you're encouraged to set up a consultation with a Fidelity advisor. “It's never the wrong time to have the right plan,” Wells said. 

To schedule a free session, visit www.fidelity.com/atwork/reservations or call 877-895-5986.