12:16 PM

Cook Children's 5 North Team Crown Prom King


A special thank you to the staff on 5 North for creating such a special memory for Parker and the Crim Family!

parker's prom 2In April, 16-year-old Parker Crim missed his first high school prom because he was admitted to Cook Children's Medical Center to be treated for a respiratory infection that had turned into pneumonia. 

His medical team didn't want him to miss out on such an important event, so they hosted a prom just for him! The prom featured decorations, a dance floor, a foot brace bouquet and a custom “tux” complete with a bow tie made from baby socks. He was the star of the show and danced with staff members, who crowned him Prom king. 

“It meant so much to him,” said Andrew Crim, Parker's father. “He felt special, like he could make it through the next few days.”