08:46 AM

Cook Children’s Culture Platform Celebration

Today’s a big day at Cook Children’s! We have a lot of fun events planned, but we need you to do something before you go.

Click here to watch an informative video from our leaders. It is sure to help you connect the dots on what you will soon see in person or virtually.  


If you can’t break away, click here to watch a livestream of the event whenever you get the chance.


Here’s a schedule for today’s events:

11 a.m.: At the circle drive (right in front of the Medical Center), we'll come together as a connected system to celebrate something we've been hard at work developing over the last few years: our culture platform.  Please join us for this special event, including a big announcement

2 p.m.: Join us for everyone's favorite event, Halloween Hoopla! It also will take place at the circle drive in front of the Medical Center.

10 p.m.: Meet us in the foyer at Camelot Court. For our awesome evening and night teams, this is the time for you! Learn how we're connecting the dots with our culture platform. 

We also have events planned for Nov. 8 at Calmont and a big celebration planned for Prosper on Nov. 17.

See you soon and Pinkies Up! 

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