15:00 PM

Cook Children's Doctors Take to the Airways to Educate Public on RSV and Respiratory Illness

Facing record numbers, the doctors at Cook Children's appeared on numerous local and even national media outlets to inform the public about RSV and respiratory illness, and to educate the public on when to seek medical care and how to prevent the virus from spreading.

From Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, we saw 372 RSV cases at Cook Children's Medical Center - Fort Worth, the most since at least 2018. 

Doctors from Cook Children's were included in RSV reports on local radio, newspaper, and TV outlets. Alice Phillips, M.D. was mentioned in this story about the RSV medication by ABC News. We were also briefly mentioned on CBS Evening News on Friday night. 

Seeing the need to get the word out, Cook Children's doctors appeared in a press conference hosted by our Public Relations team. You can watch several of the stories below: