12:25 PM

Cook Children's Patients Perform 'O Holy Night'

O Holy Night

In 2020 during the pandemic, many of our patients were limited to their homes, in isolation from their friends and disengaged from many of the social activities they'd previously been accustomed to.

In an effort to "connect" these patients, the Child Life Zone team at Cook Children's created a virtually recorded arrangement of 'O Holy Night'; something they had never done before.

After trying various methods (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) all of the videos were finally recorded by their respective families at their homes using their smartphones. The final videos and musical arrangement were assembled by Raymond Turner, producer at the Sparklefly Recording Studio in our Child Life Zone.

We hope the end result whispers hope, inspires you in this season, and in some small way shines the north star of our Cook Children's Promise over our patients and families!

About the Child Life Zone at Cook Children's 

This video was brought to you by CLZ TV, a proud addition to the family of Cook Children's in Fort Worth, Texas.

CLZ TV and Sparklefly Studios are 100% funded by our generous donors who make life better for the children here at Cook Children's Medical Center by sponsoring a television network, activity center and music production studio.

These spaces provide an interactive experience for our patients and families that enrich their journey while at Cook Children's Medical Center. 

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