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Employees Care: Summer 2023

Give today for their tomorrows.

Employees Care gifts

Generosity is part of the Cook Children’s culture. As an employee, you impact patient care every day. As an Employees Care donor, you become an even bigger part of our patients’ journeys, making their experience at Cook Children’s even more magical.

We are all in this together. Whether you schedule appointments, help families with insurance benefits, serve our community or deliver care to patients who need us most, your work creates every day miracles.

For more than 20 years, Employees Care has been a reliable source of funding with our generous employees at the center. Connecting the dots of amazing care and generous support.

“I give so our patients can have a voice, even if they aren’t able to speak. Augmentative and alternative communication devices funded by Employees Care opened up a whole new world for our patients, and we are so thankful we can give them this opportunity,” said Suzanne Bonifert, Mansfield Rehab and Employees Care Champion.

If you have not already made a donation this year, we want to encourage you to give today. All employees who donate will receive the 2023 Employees Care t-shirt as a thank you for your generous gift.* For employees who make an hOUR kid donation, they will receive a premium thank you gift.

Visit the Employees Care page on CookNet to make your donation today.

Give today for their tomorrows.

*Minimum $1 per pay period or $15 one-time gift is required to receive a t-shirt. Only one t-shirt per employee donor.