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Enhancements to Our Bereavement Policy: Your Voices Drive Action

A special message from Rick W. Merrill, President & CEO

NewsHello Cook Children’s Family,

We want you to know that your voices truly matter, and your feedback guides us in staying true to our culture and values.

Thank you to everyone who joined our recent Benefit Listening Sessions. Your feedback and ideas have been essential in shaping how we serve you and adapt our policies and benefits to match your needs and priorities.

Starting on Sept. 24, 2023, we're enhancing our bereavement policy by extending the leave from 24 working hours (as outlined in Policy No. HR120) to up to 40 hours. This change underscores our commitment to supporting you during challenging personal times while respecting your professional responsibilities.

This year, we’ve made a point to increase listening opportunities with employees, including our leaders and physicians. Your insights from these opportunities are driving these actions, and we will continue to make adjustments as we learn more from you.

While we can put some changes in place quickly, others need careful study and consideration. Just know that every choice we make is aimed at making your work environment better and more supportive.

As part of these efforts, we've recently moved away from the PACE performance reviews that have been a part of Cook Children’s for over 30 years. A new performance evaluation system is in the works, shaped by feedback from across the system.

virgin pulse program (1)We've also been hard at work to provide you with the very best benefits possible. Here's what's coming in 2023-2024:

  • For the second year in a row, no increases for medical, dental, and vision plans. Your contributions to these premium plans remain unaffected as we absorb cost adjustments.
  • Virgin Pulse well-being program: Engage in health activities and earn up to $210 annually.
  • Medicare Choice Group: Receive unbiased guidance as you approach Medicare eligibility for you or a family member.
  • The number of dental cleanings and exams covered at 100% each year in both dental plans will increase from two to four annually. 
  • Lower out-of-pocket maximums: Limits for individual and family coverage in our HSA1 and HRA Plans are reducing.

 Every decision we make is focused on creating a supportive and comprehensive work environment.

To each and every member of our Cook Children’s family, we extend our deepest gratitude. As we put these enhancements into action based on your invaluable input, we look forward to all that we can achieve as we work together.

With appreciation,

Rick W. Merrill, President and CEO, Cook Children’s