11:02 AM

Environmental Services Week: Celebrating the Magic Behind the Scenes

By Detavious Hill

This week is Environmental Services Week, celebrated Sept.10-16 to show appreciation for the dedicated EVS personnel that ensure health care facilities across the country are clean, safe places for patients and their families and other staff members. 

“Because of the continuous commitment to patients and staff, it is extremely important to ensure our employees are recognized and celebrated in a big way,” said Brian Bergeron, Director of Environmental Services, Food Services and Facility Appearance. 

On Thursday, the EVS department got together to get groovy in their best 70s looks over lunch to celebrate and appreciate one another for all the work they do for Cook Children's. “Environmental Services staff are integral to the success of our health care systems as we serve and contribute to ensuring the environment is clean and safe to all,” Brian said. 

Our EVS team at Cook Children's works so hard to keep our facilities a safe and magical space for patients and their families as well as each other. We would not be the same without the diligent work they do, and we thank you all for your continuous contributions and dedication to the values of Cook Children's.