11:51 AM

Experience the Magic of the Comfort Menu When You Get Your Flu Shot

flu shot employee

We know. Nobody enjoys getting shots. But we know that the “poke to protect” is imperative to keep ourselves, our families and our patients safer from illnesses such as COVID and flu. That’s why Cook Children’s has a Comfort Menu that caregivers use for pain management with our patients. It includes tools such as cold spray, Buzzy (a device that uses cold and vibration to block pain) and the ShotBlocker distraction device. 

So this flu season, we’re inviting employees to experience the Comfort Menu for themselves when they get their flu shot. That way they will be able to share with patients and families how helpful these items can be in reducing pain and fear around vaccines. 

Comfort Menu items will be available for you to try at several of the onsite employee flu vaccine fairs and leaders can pick up a can of cold spray to use for department-specific events. Find a flier on this initiative at the upper right of this article under Downloads.