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FAQs for Common Review Date

computer-keyboard-red-key-faq-450w-3196514.jpgQ: If this is effective Nov. 19, when will I have my next review?

A: Reviews will be done starting in August 2024 and should finish by Oct. 1, 2024.  The actual merit increase will be awarded in November 2024

Q: What is the merit % for next year?

A: The budget for FY25 has not been submitted or approved.  We will not know that until October 2024.

 Q: How will the merit % be awarded in November 2023?

A: We will look at your last review date and do a pro-ration based upon the pay period your review falls in up to November 18th which is the last day (Saturday) before we start the Common Review Cycle. 

Q: Will everyone receive the same amount in November?

A: No, it’s based upon your last review period and will be pro-rated based on 5%.

Q : Is everyone moving to the Common Review date?

A: Everyone EXCEPT Physicians and Teachers.

Q:  What happens if I am at the maximum of the grade or close to it when the pro-rated merit is calculated?

A: If at the max of the grade, we will give a lump sum merit.  If close to the max, you will receive the increase to get you to max and the rest will be in a lump sum. 

 Q: Does everyone receive a merit increase?

A: No, Temporary employees, Pool employees, employees who are at a flat rate and those who have received a Final Written Warning will not receive an increase.

Q: I am a Winter Plan employee; how will I be handled?

 A: Since you are at a flat rate you are not eligible for a merit increase

Q: I am a PRN employee, how will I be handled?

A: The same way you are now.  We will look at how many hours you have completed and if you have worked more than 200 hours you will be eligible for an increase unless you are at an accelerated rate/flat rate.