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Good Morning America Shares Story of Cook Children’s Patient

Mother Offers Words of Caution as New School Year Begins


An 11-year-old Abilene boy had been sleepy and lethargic since being diagnosed with COVID-19. Within a month, he was being treated in Cook Children’s intensive care unit for low blood pressure, facial swelling, rash and other symptoms. Doctors diagnosed Cason with multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), a rare but serious condition linked to COVID-19. He’s home now, but still deals with fatigue and inflammation.

Angie Abbott told Good Morning America in an Aug. 13, 2021 blog post that she worries Cason might get reinfected with the coronavirus at school. She’s urging students to wear masks for the sake of her immunocompromised son and all kids under age 12 who can’t yet get vaccinated for COVID-19. Read the full GMA story here.