12:05 PM

Halloween Hoopla Voting: Individuals

Halloween is over, but the Hoopla continues. The judges have had their say and now it's your turn. Vote for your favorite individual. Just click the link of the individual you want to vote for and you will send an email to InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org.Only one vote will be counted per employee. The nominees are:

  1. Daron Aldridge as Hagrid
  2. Kimberly Newman as Cotton Candy
  3. Marie Burns as Riddikulus 
  4. Taylor Uselton as Alice In Wonderland
  5. Katie Bourland as Mary Poppins 
  6. Elvia Prevencio as Queen of Hearts
  7. Carrie Hudspeth as PlanoPeds
  8. Cherie Price as Clippy Your Office Assistant
  9. Maria Perez as Captain America