16:02 PM

Halloween Hoopla Voting: Large Groups

Halloween is over, but the Hoopla continues. The judges have had their say and now it's your turn. Vote for your favorite Large Groups. Just click the link of the group you want to vote for and you will send an email to InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org. Only one vote will be counted per employee. The nominees are:

Group 1: H/O Grapevine: Wizard Of Grapevine

Group 2: Behavioral Dis. Clinic CSC: Lion King

Group 3: Hurst UCC: Ghost Town

Group 4: CSC: Mrs. PacMan

Group 5: Dodson Reg: Sesame Street

Group 6: Build-A-Bear: Nautical Nonsense

Group 7: Miller NHC: 80s/90s Theme

Group 8: Grapevine Springs: Dem Bones Are Crushing It

Group 9: South Rehab Clinic: Monsters, Inc

Group 10: Nest: Princesses

Group 11: McCart: Super Heroes

Group 12: Plano Peds: Pac Man