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Health Plan's Top Peak Performer 2021

Ashley Davis, Health Plan Care Management Auditor, RN

Ashley Davis & Karen Love

I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley at Cook Children's Health Plan for the past year and a half. While she puts in countless hours of work as an Auditor, Ashley also puts in many more hours trying to ensure the Health Plan is a better place. Ashley steps up every time to help a colleague. For example, we were having trouble with our internal process for requesting translation services that affected 3 different departments. I summarized the issues we were having to her and she immediately offered to help. Ashley is nothing short of a wizard at SharePoint and in one day's time, she built out a Translation Calendar where our Case Managers can now go in and enter upcoming translation appointment requests. These requests can now be viewed by the Translation Team supervisor and assigned out to the appropriate staff member. It is a great solution that will increase communication and satisfaction between teams. It will also reduce delays in translation services for our Members, and reduce costs by decreasing the need to use Cyracom when an internal Spanish translator can be utilized! Ashley did all of this work on her own time outside of business hours as a labor of love for the betterment of our departments. 

Another example of Ashley's dedication is demonstrated through the SharePoint site she built for our department. Our Population Health Department was formed last year and didn't have any resources built out. Knowing her advanced skillset within SharePoint, I asked Ashley if she could assist with building out a site for our department. This is not at all something outlined in her job description, but Ashley took it on as soon as I asked. The end product is phenomenal! It has dedicated pages for the Health Plan Maternity, Asthma and Diabetes Population Health programs that are used as a resource for staff across all lines of business. There are wonderful resources and information on each page that assist our Case Managers, Service Coordinators and other staff. We are so lucky to have Ashley’s can do attitude at the Health Plan!