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Home Health Top Peak Performer 2021

Briyet Sigala, Patient Service Coordinator I, HH Administration

Briyet Sigala & Brady Gendke

Briyet ("Bridget") is one of those employees that exudes the Cook Children's Promise. Her initiative to find a way to help each child that comes through our system is inspiring and contagious. Currently, Briyet’s job involves processing custom equipment referrals through our DME department at Home Health and obtaining authorization from insurance for these products. Recently, she had a mom call and ask if there was any way we could try to get her child his custom gait trainer before Halloween so that he could go trick or treating. Briyet assured the mom that she would do everything she could which was the honest truth! She waited on hold for over an hour to speak with a representative with the insurance company and advocated for the prompt approval of this patient's equipment. The representative was so impressed with her, he had someone call back the next day and make sure we received everything we needed. This cut down the typical timeframe IN HALF. Mom was overjoyed to hear her son would be able to trick or treat this year in his new gait trainer! We have Briyet to thank for that. 

​It is truly hard to pick from the many examples of why Briyet is so deserving of the Peak Performer award. She was assigned to work on our new Custom Mobility Program as part of a small team to pave the way for obtaining custom equipment products for our patients. When we receive products to our warehouse, she shows ingenuity by being the first one to go down and inspect the product for damage and accuracy. Because of Briyet’s attention to detail, we have been able to catch over 80% of errors or damage on custom products when they come in through our warehouse. Once, Briyet caught that there were 2 right handed arm rests instead of a right and a left. Another time, she quickly notified our Procurement Supervisor that a wheelchair base was significantly damaged and needed to be returned. Briyet’s efforts cut down on weeks, if not months, of delays in patients receiving this medically necessary equipment. We are so thankful for her. Briyet truly is a Peak Performer!