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Hotel Cook & Severe Winter Weather Update

Important information regarding accommodation requests for those scheduled to work at the Medical Center

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Feb. 2, 2022

Thank you for staying at one of our locations during our current severe winter storm. We appreciate you doing whatever it needed to take care our patients and their families.

We want to go over a few important details as we try to find rooms for everyone and respect all of you staying on campus.


  • All reservations for sleeping accommodations should be sent by department leadership to Hotel.Cook@cookchildrens.org.
  • If an employee works a different schedule other than a 12-hour shift (DAY/NIGHT) and they need different accommodations, please let us know when you book your room via email.
  • If you have booked a reservation but no longer plan to stay in your room, we must hear from you. Please email Hotel.Cook@cookchildrens.org to cancel.  If you hold a reservation that you aren’t going to use, that is a missed opportunity for someone else looking for a room. We ask that you help us keep our waiting list updated and accurate.


  • You are welcome to bring your own pillows and blankets. Because of potential shipment delays, we ask that you are respectful of our linen supplies and practice conservation as much as possible. Please only use sheets, blankets and towels that you need. Reuse towels as much as possible.
  • Please shower at home before you arrive. If you need a shower for work, please talk to your supervisor to find out what showers are available to you.
  • These rooms are provided for you to give you a place to sleep safely during the winter storm. A TV may not be available in your room. Please bring along any downtime entertainment you need to keep you company during your stay.
  • We ask that your mindful of your living space and remember that we are short-staffed and need your help cleaning up your room before you leave. Please dispose of any trash and have all of your belongings out of the room when you leave.
  • If you are staying multiple nights, it is not likely you will remain in the same room throughout your stay. Please do not leave behind any of your personal belongings. Instead, pack your personal belongings and take them with you. We ask that you leave the room as you found it and it is clean for the next person who will be staying there. 


  • At this time, Camelot Court and Starbucks are scheduled to be open in the Medical Center but please bring any food, snacks or drinks you may want to enjoy during your stay.


  • We want to follow your 12-hour work shift as closely as possible, regarding check out times. If you stayed in your room overnight, please be out of your space entirely by 6:30 a.m. If you stayed during the day, we ask that you be out of your room by 6:30 p.m. We need to follow this schedule closely to have the rooms ready for the following guest.


We understand this is an inconvenience for you, but we appreciate the sacrifices you are making during this winter weather event!

Be safe, stay warm and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!