15:09 PM

Important: Scam Alert!


We wanted to make you aware of a longstanding scam. We are letting you know because employees have reached out to our legal department about this attempted scam.

Someone calls pretending to be with the Tarrant County Sherriff’s office.  They are then told something along the lines of they failed to show for jury duty, failed to respond to a subpoena, etc., are in contempt of court, and have to pay some amount of money to avoid being arrested.  The caller tells the person they cannot hang up the phone or call anyone else – they need to immediately get the money and show up at some location or risk being arrested by the sheriff’s office.  Here’s some info: Sheriff’s office: Fake warrant scams on rise in Tarrant County | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Unfortunately, people believe this hoax and have paid several thousand dollars to these scammers. Please do not go to an ATM that allows you to deposit money, convert it to crypto, and transfer those funds.