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Information from Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare will no longer accept requests for directed donations as of April 14.

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Advancements in testing capabilities has eliminated the need for collections to any specific individual.

Carter BloodCare has historically offered special collections where friends and family could donate blood for a specific individual (directed). Due to advancements in testing capabilities, the community blood supply can meet most of the patient transfusion needs, eliminating the necessity for these special collections. As of April 14th, Carter BloodCare will no longer accept requests for directed donations. Understanding that these donations are scheduled in advance, Carter BloodCare will continue to collect directed donations until April 28th

There are unique circumstances where the available banked blood may not be available to meet complex compatibility needs of certain patients. In these situations, Carter BloodCare’s physicians will work with the treating physician to make arrangements. Carter BloodCare can be contacted at (817) 412-5365.