16:26 PM

Joint Commission Study Time


The Joint Commission unannounced survey could be any day now. The survey will be four days and will include a survey team of  seven surveyors

TJC will survey the following locations:

Cook Children's Medical Center

 Dodson Surgery

 Urgent Care Centers

Cook Children's Medical Center-based clinics, both on campus and off campus. 

Please share with staff to help prepare for survey. Thank you!! 

Here are few points to go over:

Q: What type of eye wear and mask should you wear for Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP)?

A: AGP for patients who have tested positive, not tested for a scheduled outpatient surgery and are symptom free of COVID-19:

Eyewear: Approved Eye Protection                                  Mask:  Surgical Mask       

Employees who received an exemption or are not yet fully vaccinated:

You must continue to wear approved goggles and N-95 during these procedures.

Patient Testing

  • We have stopped pre-procedure patient testing for COVID-19, unless the anesthesiologist, surgeon or proceduralist want the test. If anesthesia wants testing, this would ideally be done with a rapid test on the day of surgery.
  • We will continue screening questions for COVID-19 symptoms and test for the virus if we receive a positive screen from a patient.
  • If a patient is admitted after a procedure, they will need a COVID test upon admission.
  • All admitted patients will be COVID-19 tested, based on our current practice