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Korn Ferry Partnership: Let Us Help You


Our partnership with Korn Ferry is finishing its first month, and we have already had several successful hires. We would love your feedback! If you would like to tell us about your experience with Korn Ferry, please email your comments to Suzanne Seider, director of Talent Acquisition.

korn ferryAs a quick reminder, the requisitions that are sent to Korn Ferry are chosen by the director of Talent Acquisition, and the choice is based on facts such as recruiter requisition volume, difficulty to fill, and several other factors. Your Cook Children’s recruiter will let you know if your requisition will be going to Korn Ferry. If you have any concerns about Korn Ferry working on your requisition, please let your recruiter know. Korn Ferry assistance is optional, and you can decline to send your requisition to Korn Ferry. 

Korn Ferry contract requires they receive 160-200 requisitions, per quarter. If you are working with a Korn Ferry recruiter, they are only working on the requisitions assigned by Suzanne. It is likely that your requisitions could be split between your Cook Children’s recruiter and the Korn Ferry recruiter. When you start new requisitions, please list your normal Cook Children’s recruiter on the requisition. Your Cook Children’s recruiter will let you know when your requisition is approved and if it is being sent to Korn Ferry.

Engaging Outside Recruiters

We know that some departments have been using outside recruitment agencies for help with difficult positions and/or temporary help.  There is going to be a slight change to the process for engaging outside recruiters. 

If you have outside recruiters and/or are looking to engage an outside recruiter, you need to notify Suzanne Seider. Suzanne will keep a list of agencies that Cook Children’s uses. New functionality in Workday, our new ERP system coming in April, will require that our contractors be added to the system just as our employees are. 

Also, as we enter the second year of over 600 requisitions a month, we need to be sure that the Talent Acquisition team is not duplicating recruitment efforts and advertising budget spend on requisitions that are with outside recruiters. Having a centralized system will help us better understand who is working on behalf of Cook Children’s.

Sharing Open Positions on Social Media, Networking Pages

Do not forget that we want you to post links to any of your open positions on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) If you are a part of any professional organization that has a career board, let your recruiter know. We can post jobs on these boards, and our sourcing team of Stephanie Godé and Alyson Collins-Fitzpatrick can mine their resume databases. That allows us to reach passive candidates and let them know about opportunities at Cook Children’s.

The Talent Acquisition team thanks you for your patience! We have not dropped below 500 requisitions in the last year, and we are back up to almost 800 requisitions, again, since we are staffing Cook Children's Medical Center Prosper and the winter plan. Thank you for your assistance.