12:41 PM

Kudos to Our Accreditation Compliance Team!


This quarter, we would like to recognize our Accreditation Compliance Team: 

  • Doreen Walo
  • Erica Salaiz
  • Jordan Boyd
  • Rebecca “Becky” Purdy

This team goes above and beyond to ensure Cook Children’s is ready for Joint Commission!

They keep us updated with their weekly emails “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A JOINT COMMISSION SURVEYOR??” and provide updates on the Tarrant County COVID numbers from The Joint Commission (TJC) website. This team also gives us tips on the Daily Safety Briefing call and hosts “Taco Tuesday”  rounding on the units, which is a fun and interactive way to keep staff ready to answer any question TJC could ask. 

Thank you Doreen, Erica, Jordan and Becky! Your dedication, teamwork, and positive attitudes are a testament to Cook Children’s mission and values!