13:26 PM

Peak Performer: Loyd Stearman

manager, epic inpt nursing/anc app - IS-Epic


Loyd was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is his nomination letter.

LOYD STEARMAN, RN, BSN PhotoLoyd’s unrelenting support to our Clinical Documentation team has greatly improved not only our overall team EPIC production but more importantly our team cohesion. As a member on the Clinical Document team, we face many challenges daily. In the process of his transition to becoming our clinical documentation manager, he uses his tactful and positive personality to help reduce and pacify negative morale. Overall, this has greatly kept the team together and built a stronger, united team. I like to say he is the “glue” that keeps the team together. Loyd strongly encourages autonomy while understanding that analysts are human and make mistakes. This is a critical part within professional development with the understanding that one must learn from those errors. During the last couple of years, analysts are now leading major EPIC projects, just to name a few: the entire physical assessment renovation, nursing workload tool, sepsis, EPIC SU/upgrades and narcotic handoff.

Many of these undertakings are homegrown, meaning they are created by an analyst at Cook Children's. Ensuring the build is in its best condition, Loyd favorably provides ample support to the team by not only offering his advice and recommendation but by playing “Devil’s Advocate”. Not only does this help reduce build and delivery errors, this positively impacts the builds, but more importantly strengthens analyst professional confidence. Overall he graciously and professionally serves others with respect while supporting and encouraging innovation to meet today’s healthcare environmental demands.​ While being on our team, Loyd has been exponentially supportive in providing an environment that empowers our team for growth and development