14:17 PM

Magnet Month Award 2022: Innovation Award


Below is the nomination for Elaine Lambert, RN in the CICU, recipient of the Innovation Award.

Elaine Lambert serves as the CVL nurse in the CICU, but she is so much more! Elaine is the chair of our Quality Committee and leads multiple quality and education initiatives throughout the unit. She runs the CAUTI ACAs and leads our auditing system monthly. 

Elaine is the “go-to” nurse in our unit and is always present, positive and available to our team. It is hard to list everything she does for our unit because it’s a very long list. Her experience and dedication to our unit often goes unnoticed. She is a key part of making the CICU successful every single day. Elaine brings her contagious personality and love for our unit to the forefront of her work. We are lucky to have her as a leader in the CICU!

innovation award recipient