11:17 AM

Magnet Month Award 2022: Nurse Leader of the Year


Below is the nomination for Jarrett Dawson, surgical services, recipient of the Nurse Leader of the Year Award.

Every role Jarrett's achieved has been an opportunity for him to grow and truly excel. His leadership is invaluable within Perioperative Services and his impact extends through the whole Medical Center as well as the community. 

Did you know that for years Jarrett has volunteered in the Dallas community every weekend?! And, he served as the chairperson for the Perioperative Family Advisory Council, where he championed involvement for families to provide insight and recommendations in the South Tower operating room expansion. He has served as a chairperson for the Nurse Manager Council, taking the opportunity to integrate the various voices and specialties within this diverse group to focus on solutions and change. Additionally, he has been instrumental in the creation, development, mentorship and success of the New Nurse Leader Workshop and Nurse Leadership Academy. 

He truly invests his time and energy into the staff and future leaders of Cook Children's. For example, in addition to his role as a clinical manager and involvement in all of these committees, he always made time to dedicate to the Perioperative Services Halloween Hoopla skit. I know it seems minor, but his support and encouragement for the staff throughout all perioperative units consistently prioritized collaboration and engagement among team members. He is dedicated, reliable and consistently innovative in how he approaches each opportunity. 

Something I have appreciated about him as I have worked alongside him in a clinical capacity, as my manager and as my peer, is that he takes the time to truly know people individually. He knows his staff personally (not just professionally) and those he meets throughout the organization. He is consistently professional, positive, solution-oriented, and reliable. He exemplifies each value of Cook Children's… but most importantly, integrity. He truly sets a strong example for all who know him.

Nurse Leader of the year Jarrett Dawson