13:58 PM

Meet Cayenne: Our New Sit...Stay...PLAY Facility Dog

Cayenne facility dog

The Sit…Stay…PLAY facility dog team has officially grown by four paws! Meet the newest member of the dog squad, Cayenne! She is a 15-month-old golden retriever and poodle mix. Her first day of work at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth is Monday, Aug. 21. 

Child Life Specialists Angie Bradley and Shannon Kelly will be working with Cayenne across the Fort Worth medical center, providing unconditional love, acceptance and support to everyone at Cook Children’s. Angie will be in the role of facility dog handler for patient and staff support. She will work alongside Cayenne, fulfilling patient referrals and staff support requests. Shannon is a child life specialist in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and will incorporate Cayenne into her role. 

GroupIf you see Cayenne around the medical center, please ask to pet her, approach her in a calm demeanor and do not feed her.  Cayenne will be spending the next several weeks orienting to Cook Children’s alongside Angie and Shannon. She will not be taking staff support requests or patient referrals until late September. Please email sitstayplay@cookchildrens.org if you have questions.

We are so excited to welcome Cayenne, Angie and Shannon to the Sit…Stay…PLAY team!