07:29 AM

New Jane and John Justin Institute for Mind Health Brings Specialties Together to Provide Seamless Health Care


Cook Children’s is excited to announce plans for an innovative clinical care model dedicated to the care of children with disorders of the nervous system – the Jane and John Justin Institute for Mind Health. Designed to care for behavioral, developmental and neurological conditions, the institute brings together multiple groups that specialize in the treatment of these disorders.

While the Justin Neurosciences Center has established national preeminence over the last decade with Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuropsychology services, Cook Children’s seeks to build on that strong foundation by adding the departments of Psychology, Psychiatry and Developmental Pediatrics to form the Institute for Mind Health.

“The participating divisions have already begun working together to create this institute, planned to open when the expansion and revision of the Dodson Specialty Clinics is complete in the Fall of 2023,” Scott Perry, M.D., wrote in The Arcuate Newsletter. “At the Institute for Mind Health, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists and experts in developmental and behavioral health will work together in one location. And, walking across the hall to consult with one another on a patient’s case will be the norm. For the patient, that translates to better care. Until then, we'll continue to streamline our services to improve the convenience of care for patients visiting our center.”

To read more about the goals of the institute and what it will provide to patients and their families, click here.