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New Mileage Reimbursement Rate Effective July 1


For more questions about the mileage reimbursement or Travel and Expense policy, email Accounts Payable

For more questions about booking business travel, email Travel Services

cook children's office and carThe IRS is making a rare, mid-year adjustment to the IRS mileage rate due to the rising price of gas. Effective Friday, July 1, the rate is increasing from $0.585 per mile to $0.625 per mile. 

You can find the Expense Report template on CookNet here.*

Travel and Expense Policy Reminders

As business-related travel ramps back up, we would like to remind employees of the FN550 Travel and Expense policy*.  

We encourage all employees to familiarize themselves with it, but here are a few key points to know:

  • All airfare needs to be booked through Travel Services* or via TripEasy*, a new partnership that allows employees to create their own profiles and book business travel. 
  • All hotel reservations need to be booked through Travel Services, unless a lower rate is available through a conference hotel block.
  • All car rentals need to be booked through Travel Services.
  • Expenses must be turned in to Accounts Payable within 60 days of the actual expense.

(*Note: you must be connected to the network to access this page.)