14:21 PM

Peak Performer: Brittaney Wiolland

Epic Application System Analyst, IS Epic-HS


Brittaney was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Brittaney is an Epic Super Star! She is proactive, organized, detail-oriented, and a great communicator! A workgroup was assembled to completely revamp the ED DKA Order Panels. These order panels are extremely complex and we had many detailed changes. Brittaney immediately responded to our ticket stating she would get to work on our request that very week. Brittaney took it upon herself to go above and beyond and set up a meeting with ED leadership, nurses, and individuals from the workgroup to ensure we were all on the same page, she understood all of our lengthy requests, and that she had approval from all parties. After the meeting, she sent a recap of her understanding to the group and included answers to all questions asked in the meeting. I was not at the meeting but fully understood what was discussed thanks to her excellent communication. In addition, Brittaney again went above and beyond and contacted endocrine and ED providers to ask if any additional medications should be added to the “Additional Orders” section of the panel. This insight allowed the providers to add several medications that we had missed. Adding these orders to the panel will make it so much easier for our ED providers to order these medications quickly, correctly, and most importantly safely for our patients. Brittaney went above and beyond by doing a lot of the background leg work before getting to the actual Epic updates that she is responsible for. I think this shows dedication to patient safety and her strong work ethic. 

​Brittaney communicated weekly updates on her progress, anticipated next steps, and the timeline. When the build was complete, she submitted it for a double-check and then moved it into the PLY environment for our group to test. She proactively provided login instructions for us, since we would need to log in as EDMD and asked for feedback.

The ED DKA Order Panels were built 100% according to our requests and not a single detail was missed. I had anticipated several rounds of revisions, but Brittaney’s organization, detail-oriented approach, and proactive request for additional orders made the panels perfect from the first test! I appreciate Brittaney’s attention to detail, proactivity, organization, superior communication, all while being very fast! These order panels include high-risk medications like insulin, fluids, and electrolytes and I know our patients will be safer thanks to Brittaney’s hard work!