14:33 PM

Peak Performer: Crystie Lidster

Medical Receptionist II


Crystie was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Crystie helps patients with so many things. She guides parents step by step on how to access the patient portal and helps them reach the right person, no matter the situation. Also, Crystie is always looking out for her peers. We have two clinics in the office and she will help watch for paperwork needed, like Covid screenings from portal notification. Crystie is someone I can count on to locate important documents related to billing, paperwork, patient questions, especially when I am stuck. She’s a great person to work with.

When a patient needs information, Crystie will go and research the topic and get as much information as she can for the patient. When Crystie registers patients, she makes sure everything is in order, she will contact the patient to make sure we get what information is missing. She 100% a team player and is definitely the best at her job! 

Recently, Crystie helped a mom to reach a specialty department to get scheduled as a new patient. Mom had already called the department several times and was not getting a callback or a response at all. However, Crystie was able to help her and get her to a receptionist. Crystie's actions and heart make her a Peak Performer!