14:23 PM

Peak Performer: Erika Tyree

Security Lead Officer, Security- MC


Erika was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

We work in the Dodson Infusion Center and we have a patient who has unfortunately had some debilitating brain injuries that have completely changed his neurological status. He has become extremely difficult to handle and his cognitive status has decreased to that of a small child, even though he is an extremely strong teenager. We were having trouble with safely handling this patient when he came up to our clinic, so we called security and they sent Erika to help us. She has been absolutely incredible with our patient. Erika has formed an incredible bond with him, helps to keep him calm during his port access procedures, and always brings a huge smile to his face when he sees her. She is impressively calm with him and knows how to keep him safe, as well as the rest of our staff.

​Erika has always been extremely quick to come to our calls for help with our patient. This patient typically needs assistance getting up to the clinic from the bus, going from the clinic to the infusion center, and then home for the day. He comes every month, and Erika happily answers our call every time he has an appointment and needs assistance. His mood can quickly go from happy to angry, and she responds quickly when we need help. Erika gives mom a sense of peace, knowing that she has support and that her son is being cared for. Our infusion staff is extremely appreciative of her going above and beyond every time he is here. His appointments aren’t short, but regardless, she has always been willing to stay as long as he needs her. Erika is a textbook example of an employee going above and beyond for patient care.​