14:30 PM

Peak Performer: Judith Matlick

Respiratory Therapist, CRT, Respiratory-Medical Center


Judith was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

We recently had a child diagnosed with "bronchiolitis" that was unstable due to airway complications. Judi was able to stay close by and advocated for the patient to be sent to PICU.

The child was not part of her assignment for the day, but Judi was able to help and assist with the transfer to PICU.

 During regular shifts, Judi goes above and beyond her duties, especially with nursing and family requests. For example: If I had a respiratory kid and wanted her to have a quick listen,

if though the kid is not on her list, she doesn't mind listening and giving her professional advice. If a parent put a light on and she was walking by, she'd pop her head and see if she could help.