14:26 PM

Peak Performer: Kimberly Richardson

Speech Pathologist-IP Advanced, Rehab- DT FW-Medical Center


Kimberly was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

When you think about the person in the rehab department who will always go above and beyond, who will always keep patient safety and experience first, AND who will always do it with a smile on her face and pep in her step, you think about Kim Richardson. Kim is a part-time speech therapist who can be found here usually on Wednesdays and Fridays, however, she will adjust her schedule to be here more when needed. But, she not only adjusts to be here more days, she adjusts her schedule to stay late - especially on Fridays - so that families can practice feeding their brand new NICU baby one more time before they get to go home for the first time. Kim tirelessly searches for photos or handouts that make sense to a variety of family situations. She never makes patients feel like they are a burden, but that it is genuinely her pleasure to walk alongside them in this journey of learning to care for their new tiny baby. Kim is a face the baby may not remember, but the parents will forever be grateful for her patient instruction and joyful spirit.

​Not only does Kim stay late when it will make a difference for a family, but Kim will stick around for her own team, too. When there was "something in the water" in the rehab department and multiple speech therapists went out on maternity leave, Kim was left as one of the only speech therapists available to treat patients AND to train the newest employee. And, not surprisingly, her smile never left. Kim is able to dig deep and find her grit and remember what this is all for. When it would have been easy to give up and say, "I just can't do this! It's too much," Kim was able to say, "Walk along with me, and learn what a joy it is to give to those who are in their hardest moments." I think Kim's preceptee would agree, that she is patient and kind, all the while being a master of treating many more patients than would typically be required of her. Kim is a shining star and a peak performer that is leading by example. Cook Children's employees, patients, and families are blessed to be served by her!