14:27 PM

Peak Performer: Marissa Renteria

Clinical Nurse, RN, Hematology/Oncology Clinic- Medical Center


Marissa was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Marissa is the team nurse for our Neuroblastoma program and has excelled in the management of these patients. She single-handedly organizes and cares for a large number of patients with Neuroblastoma. Managing these patients can often take more than her scheduled hours, and she makes sure that she gets everything done, keeping her patients as her No. 1 priority before she heads home for the day. When Marissa has had late admissions scheduled because they finally made the appropriate blood counts to begin inpatient therapy, she will do everything needed to make sure the patient will be able to get admitted. This often includes tasks that would not typically be Marissa’s responsibility, but with her patients in mind, she works long and diligently to make sure every detail is covered and completed.

​Marissa takes the time to make sure that she knows every detail of her patients, their diagnosis, and treatment plan. When other nurses have attempted to cover her patients for a day, it was extremely difficult because her attending physician relies so much on her first-hand knowledge of her patients and their plan of care. This demonstrates how much she is invested in her patients, and how much she cared for them. Marissa’s clinic days are extremely busy, but she completes them with ease and a positive attitude. She understands the value of teamwork, and will always respond quickly when we have questions about her patients as the nurse completing their CVL access or management. Marissa is an incredible nurse, so much fun to work with, and a valued member of our H/O department. She is absolutely deserving of being awarded as a Peak Performer, to let her know that all of her hard work does not go unnoticed.​