14:30 PM

Peak Performer: Natalie Mangels

Regional Clinical Coordinator, FW UCC-PN


Natalie was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Natalie is the best Manager I've ever had. When she is not at her desk you can find her helping us out on the floor. There have been several occasions where I come in to start my shift and she's running labs or helping with patients. Natalie is such an amazing boss, person, and nurse. She is super easy to talk to; I’m glad she is part of the team! Natalie is also always providing us with delicious snacks when we need sugar the most. Her endless support for this team makes the hard and busy days so much easier. 

 There was one night in particular from what I can remember where we were pretty busy and it was pretty late at night. I was walking from pod D to pod A and who do I see coming in the side door late at night to help and support us? Natalie! On several occasions, she has stayed late with us to help with whatever needed to be done. This woman is amazing and truly deserves a Peak Performer award. ​Natalie honestly does go above and beyond for her staff. I have worked at several offices within the network and I have never felt more like my boss was on my side and genuinely cared for this team. She does everything in her power and knowledge to get us what we need to succeed and grow. 

​Natalie is someone I have always been able to come to and be honest with what I am going through. Her door is always open and she is so considerate and understanding. It can be intimidating talking to your boss but she has never made me feel like that on a personal level or professional. Natalie is always also open to new ideas you have for the workflow and makes it feel like you are heard and not blown off. I am new in this office and she has made it a point on several occasions to ask how I am doing if there was anything I felt I needed and that honestly meant the world to me. Thank you Natalie for everything you do for our Urgent Care! We appreciate you more than you know!