14:28 PM

Peak Performer: Tristan Renfroe

Student Pharmacist, Pharmacy- Medical Center

Tristan worked on Sunday 09/05/21 as the ED Medication History technician. We had a call out the previous night so med histories had not been done overnight. She knew that we have been very busy and admitting a lot of patients and that the next day was a holiday so they were likely to not be completed for some time. Also, we had several codes and emergency events and Tristan jumped right in to assist me, while still completing all her med histories. Tristan drew up boluses and meds, gowned up to go in the IV Room, and lent a hand anywhere she could. Also, during one of her medication histories that day, the patient started vomiting and she helped mom get a blue emesis bag, sit her up, and then sought out the nurse to come to the room and care for the patient. That's not something Tristan is trained to do, but she has compassion for each patient and didn't mind "getting in the trenches" to help where she can. 

Moreover, Tristan sought out all the overnight admissions and also looked for patients with polypharmacy and high-risk meds whose medication histories were not completed yet. She found time to call or go complete floor med histories in between her usual duties in the ED. Tristan collaborated with me as she found patients whose medication histories needed extra attention or had issues. Tristan had a long hard day but improved the patient care and safety for so many patients. ​