14:30 PM

Peak Performer: Zoila Martinez

Patient Care Technician, 4Main- Medical Center


Zoila was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

On a particularly busy Sunday, Zoila helped me transfer a baby to the NICU. The patient/family had been on our floor for over 1 month and had a lot of packing to do. Zoila helped the Mom pack up, and didn’t hesitate to help me bring the patient to the NICU. When we got back to the floor, another patient of mine was in the process of trying to elope.

He had been restrained by security but was yelling profanities and threats toward staff. Zoila did not hesitate to jump in and help. Our charge RN took out 4 point restraints, and like an absolute ninja, Zoila got all 4 secured to the bedframe in what felt like seconds. I was so grateful to Zoila for this because even I, as the bedside RN, was incredibly flustered during this situation. Zoila absolutely saved the day and helped to keep other staff, and the patient safe from injury.​

​Zoila is most deserving of a Cook Children’s Peak Performer award! On a daily basis, Zoila busts her behind for patients, families, and other staff. Zoila uses her time wisely, takes minimal breaks, and is ALWAYS there when you need her. When Zoila is working, I&O’s are always up to date, rooms are always clean, patients are clean, turned, and well cared for by Zoila. She will never say no when she is asked to help, she never complains and is incredibly reliable. In a time when most of us are burnt out, Zoila always has a smile on her face, and a positive attitude.