14:26 PM

Peak Performer: Alyssa Slavin

Internal Staffing, RN, Admin-Nursing, Medical Center


Alyssa was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Alyssa served as the PICU Quality Specialist for the past few years. During this time, she served in a number of roles and accomplished so much to help our unit be successful in decreasing our HACs. Alyssa served as the leader of our HAC (Hospital Acquired Conditions) and became a HAC leader within the hospital and co-chaired our ClaBSI committee as well as chairing our unit-based HAC committees. Alyssa showed great creativity in enlisting the help of our staff and developing a K-Card superuser course, a quality orientation for new nurses, keeping K-Card scorecards, and so much more. She, almost single-handedly, completed audits for our unit and reported them to the Quality Improvement Council. Alyssa showed a great passion and excitement for making sure our nurses were delivering safe quality care. 

Even though quality was what Alyssa’s job entailed, she took it so much further than just performing audits and going to meetings. Alyssa helped improve the culture of quality and safety within the unit and throughout the hospital through her sharing of information, ideas, and new initiatives. Her passion for the delivery of safe quality care is contagious and she was able to enlist staff members to help provide education (i.e. for CaUTI checkoffs), central line dressing check-offs, increased participation on committees, and helped develop a new quality committee in the unit surrounding PIVIEs and Pressure Injury. Alyssa is such an advocate for our staff, our patients, and our hospital. She truly is a Peak Performer and someone CCMC can be very proud to have as a nurse. ​